Hey. Do you care about women? Do you care about comics? Do you care about women in comics? Yeah? Why aren’t you reading Rachel Rising?

Rachel Rising is by Terry Moore, who is most famous for Strangers in Paradise—a massive, decades-spanning work chronicling the long romance between two unlikely women. He is particularly celebrated for his ability to draw a variety of female body types, and in general, the female-dominated nature of his comics. Terry Moore’s women are brave, frightened, sassy, shy, angry, demure, and everything in between. They are, in short, characters afforded the respect we’re always clamoring for. Much of his work is explicitly feminist in nature as well—which brings me to Rachel Rising.

Rachel Rising is about a young woman who wakes up in a shallow grave. She’s dead, but….not. She goes on to discover that 300 years prior, her small Massachusetts town slaughtered hundreds of young girls in an effort to root out witches, and moreover, that she might have been one of them. Then Lilith—actual, biblical Lilith shows up. Without going into too much spoilery detail, Rachel Rising is a story about revenge, nonconformity, good and evil, witches, demons, and death. It’s creepy, stark, and really, really good.

It’s also in danger of ending, due to financial concerns. So check it out at your local comics shop, or buy it digitally through Comixology. Whatever you do, give it—and more female-dominated comics—a chance.

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